How is the lump sum settlement that an injured worker receives at the conclusion of a workers’ compensation case calculated in Illinois? Every workplace injury case is different. A lot of it depends on what your condition is at the conclusion of your medical care and treatment. Are you returned to work full duty by your employer?  Are you unable to return to your former position?  Are you now receiving less salary or wages than
If you are injured in the workplace in Illinois to the extent that you are missing work or needing medical treatment, it’s imperative to have an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer – even if the employer is paying your workers’ compensation benefits and approving medical treatment after you made your claim. You need a workers’ compensation lawyer because you want to be in the best position to react in the event the employer and the insurance
There are three critical things to do after being hurt at work. First, report the actual accident to the employer. Under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act , the injury employee has 45 days to provide notice to their employer. If you don’t do that, it could be a complete defense afforded to the employer. The second most important thing to do is to see a doctor or medical provider immediately. You want a history in the

Workers’ Compensation Claim Denials

Posted by McManus on February 6, 2020

Before you make your claim to the workers’ compensation insurance company, you should have an experienced lawyer on your side or at least to have consulted with one about your rights. There are various circumstances that an employer may have to determine to assess if it is a compensable accident or a compensable accident up to a certain point. If an employer has you seen one of their doctors, and their doctor gives the opinion

What Is Workers’ Compensation Law?

Posted by McManus on February 3, 2020

Workers’ compensation (often referred to as “workers’ comp”) law in Illinois is a law that governs when employees are injured while at work in a “compensable” accident. Injured workers are mainly entitled to three benefits (assuming there is a compensable case): The employer is going to pay them temporary total disability—two-thirds of their average weekly wage tax-free during the period that they are off of work. All of the injured employee’s medical bills are paid

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