With any personal injury case, we begin working on the case knowing in advance that it may go to trial. Unlike some law firms, we never go for the quick settlement and are always prepared go the distance.  We are always ready to present your case to a jury if that’s what needs to be done to get a fair and full recovery for you. As experienced personal injury lawyers, we often know when we
It’s critically important that you seek out an experienced car accident lawyer if you’ve been injured by another driver or as a passenger in Illinois. You want to have an experienced car accident lawyer advise you in advance on how to successfully navigate your case.  An experienced attorney will advise of any pitfalls that exist with any type of accident case and be prepared to deal with problems that could arise in the future. They

What Is Comparative Negligence?

Posted by McManus on September 12, 2019

In Illinois personal injury cases, comparative negligence would be what your own negligence is in relation to the defendant or whoever you claim is the main responsible party. For example, if you and the other driver are both found to be responsible for the accident, comparative negligence would come into play to determine what percentage you were at fault, and what percentage the other driver was a fault. If it goes to trial and a
Q: What do I do if the insurance company wants to record a statement from me? I would never have any statement recorded without speaking with a lawyer. If you give the insurance company a statement, they’re always going to have that to potentially look for inconsistencies and impeach later testimony. If you say something incorrectly or it is interpreted wrong, it’s very difficult to undo. Speak with a lawyer and have a lawyer present

Damages for Car Accidents in Illinois

Posted by McManus on September 5, 2019

What kind of damages can you get for a car accident victim? “Damages” is a term used to describe the economic recovery an injury victim would receive from the other responsible party to make the injury victim “whole” again. Usually when someone is seriously injured in an accident, it is impossible to be made fully “whole” again, but the idea of damages is to put a monetary value on what you have lost, physically, emotionally

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