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Mark Connolly

Mark Connolly is an experienced trial attorney in the areas of personal injury and workers compensation.  He specializes in motor vehicle accidents, construction negligence, slip and falls, work accidents, medical malpractice, and product liability, amongst others.  He has handled cases in numerous counties of the Circuit Courts of Illinois, the Northern District of Illinois Federal Court and the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission.  He has also litigated and argued before the Illinois Appellate Court.  Mark has always dedicated himself to his clients’ cases and provides the same devotion and intensity regardless of the case size.

Mark learned the value of hard work through the various jobs he has held during his life.  He is a former member of Laborers’ Local #4 and worked as a union laborer throughout college.  Upon graduating from law school, he began working as an Assistant Counsel to the Speaker of the House of Illinois, Michael Madigan.  During his time there, he assisted in the impeachment and removal from office of then Governor Rod Blagojevich which was an invaluable experience.

Since 2009 he found his true calling and has worked as a trial attorney at Brian J. McManus & Associates only representing injured plaintiffs and petitioners.  He prides himself on always being available to meet his clients’ needs and providing them with excellent representation.    Mark has resolved hundreds of cases through trial, settlement, mediation, and arbitration and assisted in numerous that have resolved for in excess of $1,000,000.00.

Mark has served as lead counsel and achieved significant results including but not limited to:

$950,000.00 prove up for a wheel chair bound client who was struck by a motor vehicle while crossing the street causing significant scarring and permanent disability.

$750,000.00 for a client who was riding his motorcycle through a Walgreens parking lot and was struck by a motor vehicle backing out of their parking spot.  The Plaintiff underwent a cervical fusion and shoulder reconstruction and missed significant time from work.

$738,000.00 for a client who suffered significant foot and shoulder injuries when his motor vehicle was struck by a commercial delivery vehicle. The Plaintiff underwent surgeries to his foot and shoulder as a result of these injuries.

Permanent Total Disability Award from the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission for a client who suffered significant and permanent brain damage as a result of a fall while working for a trucking company.

$466,539.00 combined workers’ compensation and personal injury settlement for a client who sustained a serious cervical spine injury as a result of a rear end auto mobile accident. The Plaintiff underwent a cervical fusion as a result of the accident and resulting injuries.

$450,000.00 combined workers’ compensation and personal injury settlement for a client who suffered a severe leg fracture as a result of a support beam falling on him. The case involved both construction negligence and product liability issues. The Plaintiff was never able to return to work as a laborer and continues to walk with an altered gait.

$430,000.00 for a truck driver who suffered a major lumbar injury requiring a fusion and was unable to return to his prior line of work.

$300,000.00 for a United Airlines flight attendant who suffered injuries to her low back during turbulence that necessitated a lumbar fusion.  She was unable to return to her position as a flight attendant as a result of her injuries.

$275,000.00 for a United Airlines flight attendant who underwent bilateral shoulder replacements and cervical fusion as a result of multiple accidents while working for the Respondent.

$250,000.00 for a Chicago Police Officer who suffered debilitating arm and hand injuries as a result of a motor vehicle accident.  The Plaintiff was unable to return to his position as a Police Officer for the City of Chicago.

$200,000.00 for the Estate of a man who suffered injuries to his shoulder and hip as a result of a slip and fall on ice while delivering pizzas for the Defendant.  The evidence gathered overwhelmingly suggested that the Defendant created this dangerous condition leading to the traumatic fall.  The Plaintiff passed away of unrelated causes during the pendency of the case.

$200,000.00 medical malpractice settlement for a minor whose doctor mistakenly fused the interphalangeal joint of the minor’s ring finger instead of the middle finger causing permanent and irreversible damage to his ring finger.

$50,000.00 for the Estate of a woman who, while in hospice for terminal cancer, was left unattended by a nurse who passed out after stealing a fentanyl patch.

Mark is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics.  He received his law degree cum laude from the Northern Illinois University College of Law and is licensed in the State of Illinois, State of Wisconsin and the United States District Court – Northern District of Illinois.

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