Settlement vs. Jury Verdict in a Personal Injury Case

With any personal injury case, we begin working on the case knowing in advance that it may go to trial. Unlike some law firms, we never go for the quick settlement and are always prepared go the distance.  We are always ready to present your case to a jury if that’s what needs to be done to get a fair and full recovery for you.

As experienced personal injury lawyers, we often know when we are dealing with an insurance company that we consider substandard and seldom offer the amount of money that that could adequately settle a case and compensate someone for the injuries. If an insurance company is “low-balling” you, we will take it to a jury.

If there’s negative evidence that could potentially affect a case if it goes to trial or other factors that are not favorable then a settlement may be a good compromise. You get to move on with your life and leave with a certain amount of money in the settlement, tax-free.

An experienced injury lawyer can help you take all the proper steps to have your case shown in the most effective manner to the jury.  There are lawyers out there who will settle a case prematurely to avoid the hard work of building a case for a jury. If they don’t have the experience to know what the true value of the case is, they may have you settle for less than you’re entitled to.


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